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Small Town Hospitality

Our very, very small plant on Mackinac Island, Michigan, started making canine treats in 2003 to fill local requests for fresh, high quality chews, mostly (but not exclusively) for the Island's sporting dogs. After a few years, demand came from the mainland, too. So, we upgraded our little shop, got licensed to manufacture and distribute pet food, and figured we were (as the management gurus say) "right-sized."

A horse drawn dray delivers an order of Mr. B's Bones.
Horses and bikes are the primary modes of transportation on Mackinac Island.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our customers, both humans and dogs, were satisfied; we were making an O.K. living; and animal shelters were happy with our in-kind contributions. Then, after the tainted pet food recalls of early 2007, our tiny enterprise found itself positioned for an unexpected growth opportunity. The question was what to do about it.

Riding out the Recalls

Demand for Mr. B's Bones shot up when area consumers started looking harder for pet foods they could trust. Our reputation gave us a leg up, but we had to figure out how to capitalize on this potential bonanza! Until 2007, we'd been making our products fresh, by hand and from scratch, and with only the best domestic ingredients. We hadn't co-packaged our treats because we wanted tight control over the manufacturing process from start to finish. And, we'd still been doing business the "old-fashioned way" (READ: no credit cards, no e-commerce) in order to keep costs down and quality up! So, we had some serious decisions to make: Scale up and cash in? Or...? Well, it didn't take us very long to decide that the freshness and high quality of our dog treats couldn't be compromised.

Start Small, Stay Small

And that means we're going to stay small by choice, work to maintain and improve the efficiency of our operation and the quality our products, and concentrate our sales in the Great Lakes region only. You'll be seeing us and our treats at pet expos, outdoor shows, and dogsled races. You'll find our products in selected retail venues.


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